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FADA Brings Grit, Reality and Functionality

to their scenic creations for the Action-Packed Alternate-reality thriller SOURCE CODE, form the maker of the award-winning film Moon.

Because the Chicago Transit Authority frowns upon having their tracks repeatedly blown up – especially when the story calls for this to happen every 8-mins! – FADA was called upon to faithfully recreate railway cars and sections of track, as well as a fully-functional Train Station for the action/alternate reality adventure SOURCE CODE.


Creating and fabricating realistic Chicago streets, homes and shop-fronts, train stations and platforms, as well as fully functional train cars to be rigged with props, FX stunts and loaded with actors was an invigorating challenge for the FADA team of experienced and skilled professionals who brought the creative vision of the film’s Director, Duncan Jones, to life.
SOURCE CODE stars Jake Gyllenhall as an armed forces operative who awakes in a stranger’s body and is obliged to relive the same 8-mins prior to an explosive disaster in order to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train and save the many lives that hang in the balance.